GeoPortOst: Thematic and Hidden Maps of Eastern and Southeastern Europe

GeoPortOst provides access to more than 3,000 maps of Eastern and Southeastern Europe. The collection includes especially hidden, thematic maps on history, ethnography as well as the economic and social relations of this area. In addition, GeoPortOst stores old maps and map series from the 16th to 19th century on Eastern Europe. GeoPortOst synthesizes maps, spatial data, and semantic context within a new spatial information system.


Discover the landscape of Eastern and Southeastern Europe on georeferenced maps. Compare historical and contemporary maps within the attractive viewer options in the Georeferncer application.

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The discovery and presentation platform GeoPortOst simplifies the retrieval of maps.

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Catalog of Hidden Maps

The catalog records more than 30,000 hidden maps on Eastern and Southeastern Europe.

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